Ormož Biogas

Illyrian is focused on EU-based opportunities that offer substantial security for the Company’s investors in the form of physical assets or income streams guaranteed by governments or other high-quality counterparties. Our flagship project is the Ormož Biogas Power Plant in Slovenia.

Ormož Biogas Power Plant

In 2020 the assets and business of the Ormož Biogas Power Plant were purchased by Z-Tech doo. The Power Plant was built and commissioned in 2011, and operated successfully with a 1MW electrical output generated from biogas. The biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of crops. Following a refit and recommissioning, the plant will be operating in Q1 2021. Following further investment, the plant will be adapted to use foodwastes as input material in place of most of its crop input, and then the generation capacity will be increased.

The transactions from Illyrian to Z-Tech will be on commercial arm’s-length terms and are secured by way of a fixed and floating charge over the business and assets of Z-Tech.

For further details including risks please review our Investment Memorandum or contact us.