Illyrian Power will identify power generation projects from various sources. The Directors will use their experience in the sector and in central Europe to identify further opportunities to acquire and /or develop and/or operate renewable power projects.

We are initially pursuing opportunities in the biogas sector. It is envisaged that these may be supplemented in due course with investments in other types of energy projects including biomass, tidal, solar and wind.

Illyrian is focused on financing built and operating renewable power projects, of which the power generation assets are either fully operative at time of investment or can be brought to that state within one year. We currently expects to lend funds in most instances for a period of five to seven years.

Initially, we intend to finance projects operating in Slovenia as we believe Slovenia is strategically positioned and is also a member of the EU and European business practices and standards generally apply. The country benefits from excellent transport links as well as information technology and communication infrastructures. Slovenia has the potential to gain substantially from access to the European market population of approximately 500 million inhabitants. Due to favorable economic reforms in Slovenia, the number of opportunities for foreign companies willing to invest in Slovenia is increasing.

For a more detailed view on our current project please download our Investment Memorandum.