Investing Policy

What is Illyrian Power offering to Investors

We aim to generate stable and secure income for preference shareholders by investing in renewable energy power production. Initial positions in biomass and biogas plants are intended to be supplemented with diversified investments in other types of energy projects including tidal, solar and wind. We are focused on EU-based opportunities that offer substantial security to investors in the form of physical assets or income streams guaranteed by governments or other high-quality counterparties.

The majority of investments  will be made by carefully considering the following issues:

  • Asset Backing- we are looking at investing into valuable capital and land-owning renewable power projects, with asset values that exceeds any capital invested combined with two-times EBITDA multiple over the expected repayment and interest program.
  • Diversification- we seek to build a diverse portfolio of renewable energy assets by diversifying its investments by security type and institution.
  • Liquidity- we shall ensure that our investment portfolio will retain sufficient liquidity to enable us to meet all operating requirements which might be reasonably anticipated.
  • Return on Investments- we look to invest in projects with the potential to generate high yields in the first six months from initial placement.
  • Limits- we do not plan to have more than 25 per cent of the portfolio value  invested in investments that are located in countries outside central Europe.
  • Single Investment Limit- we intend that within 36 months no single asset will account for more than 33 per cent. of the Portfolio value, calculated at the time of investment.
  • Hedging- we may enter into hedging transactions in relation to currency, interest rates and power prices for the purposes of efficient portfolio management. Illyrian will not enter into derivative transactions for speculative purposes.
  • Cash Balances- any cash held within Illyrian will be held in cash equivalents, near cash instruments and money market instruments.